i need light up sneakers

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Title: reason (prod. doc & thestandard)
Artist: spooky black
Played: 888 times


Reason- Spooky Black 

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FIDLAR by sconevibes on Flickr.

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ok but like where’s the o2l fanblog with the url o420l

why hasn’t anyone used that

comedy gold

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dylanobriun replied to your post: dylanobriun replied to your post: anon…

haha man i miss all the shit we used to do and talk about those were some good times

right???? i miss it too :~( we used to  have the funniest conversations and tinychats akjdfhjskdj

dylanobriun replied to your post: anonymous said:Eiffel towered is …

probably me

i was thinkin either you or aly aksdjfskl

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Eiffel towered is when a guy fucks u from behind and you suck the others dick while they high five each other .. to create the shape of the tower i guess.... HAHAH

this was at the bottom of my ask box

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Title: Take On The World
Artist: Wavves
Played: 1975 times


And I hate myself, man. But who’s to blame? I guess I’m just fucked up, or too insane.

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I haven’t listened to it I just hate the janoskians

I used to really like them in like 2012 lmao, now I don’t pay attention to them except jai sometimes bc he’s cute :/ :\

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We get out now or we die trying.

You don’t get it. We’re already d e a d.
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